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Embracing Changes, Endings, and New Beginnings

Àlàáfíà beautiful souls! If you’ve been part of my tribe since the LunaSol Beauty days in 2017 (or even before that rollercoaster!), you’ve pretty much seen it all—the ups, downs, and everything in between. Together, we’ve ridden the waves of change,  and what a journey it has been! Now, I’m both excited and a bit teary-eyed to share the next big leap: the closing of LunaSol Beauty to make space for something true & new—'Emi Ni Atunse'.

"Emi Ni Atunse" (pronounced "Eh-mee Nee Ah-tune-she"), translating to "I Am The Remedy" in Yoruba, encapsulates our ethos of self-healing and empowerment, guiding you to find the strength and solutions within yourself for a harmonious and balanced life.

Change, my friends, isn’t just part of life; it-is-life. The person I was seven years ago? She’s gone, evolved into who I am today, and honestly, I couldn’t be more grateful. Watching my babies grow—not just my adorable sweet peas at home but LunaSol Beauty too—has been nothing short of a rollercoaster. Surprising? Always. Rewarding? Absolutely.

So, why Emi Ni Atunse? Well, it’s like turning the page to a new chapter that’s more... me. It’s about diving deeper, reaching further, and shining brighter, all while staying true to what lights up my soul and hopefully yours too. And guess what? This all aligns magically with the stars—this new moon is whispering sweet nothings about change and new beginnings, settling right into my third house of communication and fourth house of home and foundation.

You’ve probably heard me speak about Mercury in retrograde (Mercury in micro braids), but this time, it’s the new moon that’s guiding my course. It feels like the Universe is giving me a big ol’ push to go ahead with unveiling Emi Ni Atunse. It’s not just a new name or brand; it’s a promise—a promise to keep evolving, to embrace our quirks, and to heal and grow together.

So, what’s next? A lot, but let’s save some surprises for later, shall we? Just know this: Emi Ni Atunse is all about us, our journey, and the endless possibilities that lie ahead. Ready to jump in with me? Let’s do this!

Join us on this transformative journey at Emi Ni Atunse. Let's embrace change together, finding strength in our flexibility and resilience. Subscribe to our newsletter for inspiring stories, exclusive tips, and a community that supports your path to healing and empowerment. Remember, you are the remedy. Take the first step towards a more balanced and harmonious life by connecting with us today.

P.S. As always, take what resonates and leave the rest.

With Love,


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